Planning a visit to Bodø & Salten but unsure about what to do or which areas to explore? We’ve gathered our top recommendations for you!

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Main Attractions

You simply cannot miss this!

Bodø & Salten offers breathtaking natural experiences that will leave you in awe. Here, you’ll find both the world’s strongest maelstrom and mainland Europe’s most accessible glacier.

These are the must-see attractions!

Summer Inspiration

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We’ve gathered plenty of great tips on things to see, do, and eat.

Autumn Inspiration

Planning a autumn getaway or a long weekend trip?

Here are our recommendations for your autumn adventure.

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Explore the Salten region

Bustling city life close to spectacular natural experiences

Salten is still a ‘hidden gem’ destination but is every bit as beautiful as more popular places in Northern Norway. Here, you’ll find grand adventures, charming villages, local cuisine, culture, and stunning landscapes without the need to stand in long lines.

These are the places you should visit:

Roadtrip in Bodø & Salten?

Are you driving along the E6 or the Coastal Route, or considering renting a car for an excursion in Salten with Bodø as your base? Here are our tips for road trips in the area.

On a bicycle, you get even closer to nature, which is a must in Salten. We’ve compiled a variety of cycling tour suggestions in the region. Check them out here

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