Find your accommodation in Bodø and Salten

Bodø and Salten offer accommodation for every taste. Choose from a wide selection of hotels, apartments, rooms, cabins, campsites and sea cabins, and find the accommodation that suits you best.

Orient yourself on the map and find your favourite

Hotels in Bodø

Here you will find an overview of the city hotels in Bodø.

12 unique accommodations

Accommodations on small idyllic islands and places along the coast

Island hopping or a relaxing holiday on an island in the middle of the sea gap? Breathe in the fresh salty air and enjoy the idyllic coast around Salten.

Go island hopping

Camping in Bodø & Salten

Travelling with a motorhome or caravan? Or do you want to rent an affordable and pleasant cabin? These are the places to stay!

Remember: If you want to camp in the beautiful norwegian nature, some places are extra fragile so make sure you check which places are protected first.

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