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Bodø is European Capital of Culture in 2024

The first European Capital of Culture North of the Arctic Circle

In 2024 Bodø and the surrounding region of Nordland will be filled with more than 1000 cultural events.

The cultural program is structured around the pulse of the arctic nature, and our unique relationship with land and sea. Therefore the program is divided into five seasons: Here comes the sun, Spring Optimism, Midsummer Madness, Autumn Storms and Arctic Light.

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Welcome to our home just above the actic circle

A city in Transition from Cold to Cool

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An Urban City on the Edge of Nature

You will not find a more impressive approach than the one you will see through the plane window prior to landing in Bodø. A vibrant city on the edge of the great outdoors, with fjords, mountains, glaciers, a stunning coastline, and clear coral green waters as far as the eye can see. Bodø is a compact city and a gateway to a unique assortment of wonderous arctic experiences.

The regional capital of Bodø is home to 50.000 people, living urban Arctic lives on the outskirts of Europe, but in the very centre of the resourceful and contrasting North.

With a location just north of the Arctic Circle, Bodø has a spectacular light throughout the year. During summer, the midnight sun intoxicates and captivates us all. In winter and autumn, you will see the mysterious blue that lights up the dark polar night, and the magical and alluring northern lights. This ever-changing environment has made Bodø a diverse and safe place – we like to think the cold climate gave us warmer hearts, and we take pride in welcoming newcomers.

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