Samvirkelaget Coffee Shop


Samvirkelaget is a coffee shop located in Bodø city centre.

The concept is far from a normal concept, and it is not usualt for us at Coop to start up a coffee bar.
This will be the place for you who love really good coffee and who want to experience a special atmosphere. This is something we believe in and which we are proud to present.

The very essence of Samvirkelaget is that we will recruit the city’s very best and most motivated employees. It could be he or she who does not fit completely into the traditional school, people with “holes” in their CV, or you who for some reason have had a tough start to their career. We also want to open up for teacher candidates with a special interest in the barista and café subject.
With us, you will meet young people who are passionate about the job, who have a lot to give and who deserve a second chance. It is not the CV that is in focus, but the personality, motivation and “type”. The employees at Samvirkelaget are special and unique in their own way.

We want Samvirkelaget to be a springboard into working life, and a workplace where young people can develop in a safe and inspiring environment. We at Coop Nordland have an inclusive set of values ​​where we take care of each other.

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