Destinations in Salten

In Salten, you’ll find everything from steep mountain slopes, chalk-white sandy beaches, famous national parks, the country’s second-largest glacier, the world’s strongest maelstrom, and bustling city life in one of Norway’s fastest-growing cities.

Explore Salten

The beautiful and spectacular Salten stretches from Helgeland in the south to Ofoten in the north, and offers many hidden gems and undiscovered places

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Active holiday in picturesque Salten


Bodø offers spectacular nature experiences, city life, and cultural experiences.

Hábmer – Hamarøy

In Hábmer-Hamarøy, you will find magnificent nature and exciting cultural experiences.


Beiarn invites you to diverse and fantastic outdoor experiences for adults and children.


The coastal municipality of Meløy offers fjords, mountains, a beautiful archipelago, and the unique Svartisen glacier.


Gildeskål offers a wide range of experiences, peace and quiet, and nature-based coastal experiences.


Vakre Rago nasjonalpark, selvplukk av bringebær og sjarmerende Røsvika. Experience beautiful Rago national park, go pick your own raspberries on Styrkesnes or visit charming Røsvika.


Sharp peaks, majestic mountains, chalk-white beaches, and a charming archipelago


Saltdal is located just north of the Arctic Circle and is a beautiful part of Norway between mountains and fjords.

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