In Beiarn you can explore exciting caves, visit Scandinavia’s northernmost stave church and go fishing in the Beiarriver


Beiarn offers classic Norwegian inland nature in a lush valley surrounded by high mountain peaks. Meltwater flows into one of the countrys best salmon rivers, which flows vigorously through the valley down to an idyllic fjord.

In Beiarn you can explore exciting caves, visit Scandinavia’s northernmost stave church and travel 1,000 years back in time.
Enjoy the taste if exciting local food, shop for traditional handicrafts and beautiful art.

What to do and eat in Beiarn

What to see, do and eat – when in Beiarn

Beiarn invites diverse and wonderful experiences for young and old. You can fish in the river, go for a walk in the mountains, go skiing on beautiful untouched mountain sides and along well-trodden trails.

You can cycle through the entire village down to beautiful Tvervik and the fjord, which is a national salmon fjord. You can rent a canoe and paddle on mountain lakes, the river or the fjord. Go on cave safaris, horseback riding in the mountains, dog sledding and ice skating on mountain lakes or fjords.

Farmers in the village provide short-traveled ingredients that are transformed into exciting food. In Beiarn you can find everything from goat’s cheese to real Beiarlefse. Here you can try lefsebakst that melts on the tongue or chili-marinated feta cheese.

Highlights to check out


Laftehytta is the handicraft shop in Beiarn, where you’ll find products made with love for Norwegian handcraft traditions. The walls and floors are covered with high-quality items made from yarn, wood, glass, fabric, and more. Over 80 producers supply their goods to Laftehytta, ensuring you’ll find plenty of treasures for yourself or as a holiday gift for someone special.

Kulturveien (Karoline O.A. Pettersen)

The stave church at Savjord

With timber from his own forest and a postcard as a working drawing, the carpenter and pensioner Magnus Stensland built the impressive Stavkirka on Savjord, which takes you 1,000 years back in time.

Magnus had always had a passionate interest in stave churches. He visited Gol and a postcard from there was all he needed.

Magnus has done everything in his own. He obtained the material from his own forest, and he made the tools for turning the large logs himself.
On the roof, there are more than 10,000 roof chips that have been split and tarred. The only help he has received is a crane truck that lifted the top-tower in to place.

Beiar river

The Beiar river is every angler’s true paradise. Here you will find many good and fine selections for both fly fishing and lure fishing.

You can fish for both salmon and sea trout in 22 different zones over a stretch of approximately 30 km.

Hiking suggestions

Beiarn is a beautiful piece of northern Norwegian inland that stretches from Beiarfjord in the north to Svartisen in the south. The Beautiful Beiarriver, one of the country’s best salmon rivers, flows through the entire valley. Beiarn consists of magnificent mountain sections with open, slightly hilly plains and high mountain peaks surrounded by glaciers.

How to be a responsible guest

How to travel to Beiarn

Daily bus connection from Bodø with airport, train station, Hurtigruten and ferries. Bus connection with Saltstraumen on Rv 17 on the coastal road. Distance from Bodø is 70 km.

WHat to do on the way in to Beiarn

Roadtrip to Beiarn along the cultural road.

Beiarn tourist information

Tourist information and salmon office

Beiarn inn & hotel, Storjord


+47 475 18 022 // +47 900 12 477


15. june – 15. aug: mon – sat 10.00 – 16.00 // 31. aug – 15. sept: wed – sat: 10.00 – 16.00

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