A trip to Kristinagammen gives you an unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Sami history. Kristinagammen is part of a restored Sami settlement in its original environment.


The tourist cabin at Tverrånes

Highest point

580 masl


Moderate, partly marked


13 km round trip


Hilly terrain, path


6 hours

Hike Description

The trip in starts from Beiarstua and goes into a nice pine-clad valley. The many place names, both Norwegian and Sami, show that you are moving in an old Sami core area. There are many cultural monuments along the route.

Take off from fv. 494 at the sign for Tverrånes. Start from Beiarstua and follow the path into Tverrådalen. The path runs in hilly terrain. Cross the river and continue approx. 1.5 km until the path splits. You cross a suspension bridge on the road. Follow the path that goes northeast to Kristinagammen. The path continues to Bjellåvasstua if you want a longer trip.

Once there, you can feel the atmosphere from several hundred years of reindeer farming. Inside the gamn, you can light the fire to get some warmth or just for the sake of coziness. Both here and in several open cabins and cabins in the Tverrådalen, it is possible to go to bed for the night.

This hike is one of Saltens Friluftsråd’s selected 55 captivating hikes in the region.

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Getting to Kristinagammen

The easiest way to get to Tverrånes is by car or bus. A bus from Bodø goes to Rengård, with a bus change at Storjord, three days a week. You can take a bicycle with you on the bus.

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