Hikes in Bodø & Salten

Bodø & Salten is a paradise for those who love hiking. Here you will find steep mountains with spectacular views of torquise seas and untamed nature, tranquill walks along chalk-white beaches, and urban peaks where you can enjoy the midnight sun or northern lights.

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Things to consider when going on a hike in Northern Norway

It is important to familiarize yourself with the type of hike you are embarking on. The length of the hike and the terrain can vary greatly – some trails are easy and follow paths and beaches, while others are steep and rugged, requiring better physical fitness and hiking experience. Remember that the weather can change quickly here in Northern Norway, so always carry a backpack with warm clothing and be prepared. It’s also wise to have food, drinks, a phone, first aid kit, map, and compass with you. Always check the weather forecast and avoid challenging hikes and the steepest peaks on foggy or rainy days.

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Hiking in Bodø & Salten

Active outdoor experiences

Favorite viewpoints

These hikes will provide you with some of the most stunning views in Salten, guaranteeing a memorable experience. However, many of them are challenging, so remember to choose your hiking destinations based on the weather, your physical fitness, and hiking experience.


If you’re looking for a leisurely stroll, the beaches in Salten are fantastic hiking destinations. Most of them have nearby parking, and you can walk along the water’s edge with sand between your toes.

Easy and accessible hikes

Here you will find hikes that are suitable for almost everyone, regardless of hiking experience, age, or physical ability. These hiking destinations are adapted for wheelchairs and strollers, and most of them have well-equipped picnic areas.

Hikes in Salten

Are you looking for hiking destinations in a specific location? Here you will find an overview of hiking destinations in the municipalities of Salten.

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