Brennviksanden Beach

Brennviksanden Beach

Brennviksanden has been named one of Norway’s most beautiful beaches. It is 2 kilometers long and surrounded by steep mountains on all sides.


By Brennviksanden, Steigen

Highest point

5 masl


Easy, unmarked trail


0 – 5 km round trip


Along the trail and sandy beach

Estimated time

0 – 0.5 hours

Hike Description

The beach has soft and fine sand that extends into the turquoise blue water. Both the beach and the water invite playful activities on sunny summer days, but even when the western weather gets rough, Brennviksanden is an impressive sight. Sand, waves, and sea spray whip and break onto the shore, blending with the air and offering a lively dance.

Large parts of Brennviksanden are a nature reserve, so camping or making fires on the beach is not allowed. However, on each side of Brennviksanden, there are two shelters (gapahuker) that make for great destinations throughout the year, and in the areas surrounding the beach, you can set up camp. Remember to be at least 150 meters away from buildings.

This hike is one of Saltens Friluftsråd’s selected 55 forførende friluftsmål in the region.

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Getting to Brennviksanden

The easiest way to reach Brennviksanden is by bike in combination with the express boat to Helnessund or by private car.

Brennviksanden is located on the way to Leines and Helnessund. If you are traveling by car, take the turnoff in Botn towards Helnessund and then turn left towards Brennvika as you approach. The exit is marked by a sign.

It is also possible to arrive by express boat to Helnessund if you have a bike with you or you can rent a car there. If you are coming from Helnessund, drive towards Botn and take the same road towards Brennvika. The trails to the shelters (gapahuker) are easy to find as they run along the beach on both sides of the bay. The distance to the shelter on the south side of the beach is approximately 5 km round trip from the parking lot, and to the one on the north side is approximately 2.8 km round trip.

The express boat from Bodø to Helnessund (Nordlandsekspressen) takes about 1 hour, with daily departures. Bicycles are allowed on the express boat. There is a bus from Helnessund to Brennvik that takes about 10 minutes. The bus operates daily and is coordinated with the express boat schedule.

If you are looking for accommodation nearby, you can check in at Helnessund Brygger. If you prefer camping, there are plenty of good options available outside the nature reserve.

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