Travel More Sustainable

Take care of our planet and be a more sustainable traveler. Sustainable travelling aims to take better care of our nature, culture and environment, so that several generations after us can experience the same as we can experience today.

See our best tips on how to be a better traveller at our destination!

Make a conscious choice

Do you want to travel more sustainably and environmental friendly? So do we! This is why we are working to make our destination more sustainable. In 2022 the city of Bodø achieve the label “Sustainable Destination”, which is a national certification scheme. Other places in our region are planning to achieve the same label in the near future.

Many of the local businesses have achieved an eco-label, so that you easily can choose a business that has an eco-friendly focus.

Choose accommodations and activities that has received Eco-Labels

Many of the businesses you can visit in our region have received eco-labels. If you choose from these, you are sure that you have made a better choice, and you are helping to influence more ventures to eco-label their companies.

Eco-Certified accommodations

Activities that are Eco-Certified

Eat Local Food

Ask for local food when visiting our restaurants. The short-traveled food is both fresher and contribute to lower transport emissions. You are also helping to support the local producers.

Not to mention that Bodø & Salten offers dozens of delicious local dishes such as grilled stockfish, reindeer and “møsbrømlefse”. You simply MUST try these dishes.

Places to try our local food

Local delicacy

Grilled Stockfish

Eco-friendly transportation

In 2021, Bodø became one of the first cities in the world to launch an all-electric bus service. All the buses in the center of Bodø are electric, so you can travel around with a clear conscience.

If you are travelling outside the city, you can take a regular scheduled bus, speedboat or hire an electric car.

You can find the bus and speedboat timetable, and booking tickets, at

Rental Car in Bodø & Salten

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