Boat Sightseeing

RIB safari in the archipelago of Bodø


Explore Bodø’s archipelago in RIB, and let yourself be seduced by the world’s most beautiful nature! Taste the salty sea and feel the mild Nordland breeze on your face. Learn about how our dramatic landscape was shaped, and where our chalk-white sandy beaches come from. Meet the sea eagle, and maybe you will see a sea eagle cub taking its first wingbeats! If you are really lucky, you can also see porpoises and puffins.

This trip is perfect for families! Just the right amount of speed and fun, new knowledge and memories for life!
Remember to bring a camera, it is also possible to bring binoculars!

Come to Bodø and experience the real north! North is something different, something unknown, a longing, a dream….
Stella Polaris- your guide in the North!

Attendance: Hurtigruten Quay / Ferry Terminal Bodø Harbor
Duration: 1 hour

Stella Polaris is Eco-Lighthouse certified


At Stella Polaris, Sustainability and environmental protection are the very foundation of our business.

Our nature-based activities will highlight our fantastic nature, and actively contribute to preserving it just as fantastic for future generations.

Nature here is our pride and our livelihood!

Stella Polaris is therefore of course environmentally friendly lighthouse certified.

Experiences based on authenticity, learning and sustainability are our signature product.

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