Things to do in Bodø & Salten

Curious about what Bodø & Salten have to offer? Get ready to discover a world of exciting activities and adventures with our handpicked selection of things to do!

Activities and experiences in Bodø and Salten

Looking for ideas on what to do in Bodø & Salten? Look no further! Get ready to explore a world of possibilities, from glacier hiking under the midnight sun to savoring delicious dining experiences. Discover chalk-white beaches, cool cloud bars, and exhilarating climbing facilities nestled amidst towering mountains. With endless activities and attractions for nature lovers and culture enthusiasts alike, Bodø & Salten is an eldorado that caters to both young and old!

Winter activities

Winter activities and adventures

Winter in Salten offers a wonderland of thrilling experiences. Witness the stunning Northern Lights on an unforgettable chase, embark on a thrilling dog sled adventure, or spend a day carving up the slopes at Vestvatn Alpine Resort. The possibilities are endless – what are you waiting for? Join in the excitement today and let the magic of Salten unfold before you!

Activities and nature experiences

Adrenaline, speed and excitement

For thrill-seekers, Bodø and Salten is a true haven of action-packed outdoor adventures. Experience the raw power of the world’s strongest maelstrom on a pulse-pounding RIB tour, embark on an unforgettable glacier trekking adventure on the stunning Svartisen, or conquer a majestic northern mountain peak on an exhilarating climb. With endless possibilities for adrenaline-fueled nature experiences, Bodø and Saltenis the ultimate playground for adventure enthusiasts. Let the thrill ride begin!

Guided hikes

Experience the beauty of Salten’s nature and rich culture on guided hiking tours with knowledgeable locals. Discover hidden gems and fascinating history as you explore the region’s majestic mountains and stunning coastlines. Join us for an unforgettable journey through Salten’s breathtaking landscapes.


Bodø and Salten offer a range of sports and games for those seeking an active vacation. With great fishing opportunities, one of Europe’s largest climbing centers, bowling, golf, river paddling, and laser tag, the region caters to sports and games enthusiasts.

Art and music

Explore Bodø & Salten’s galleries and exhibitions, take a street art walking tour in the city center, or catch a great concert at the award-winning Stormen concert hall. There is no shortage of cultural experiences to be had in Bodø & Salten.


Bodø & Salten is home to many exciting museums where you can solve puzzles, learn, dine in cafes, or shop in modern museum stores. With interactive exhibits and engaging activities, these museums are perfect for a fun and educational day out.


Bodø and Salten are home to several beautiful churches that are well worth a visit. Here you can learn more about some of them.


The best shopping places

Bodø & Salten offer many great local products that you should check out while you’re here. Enjoy yourself in the center of Bodø with local shops and cafes, or find everything you need at Northern Norway’s largest shopping center.

Peace and relaxation


Looking to escape from a hectic everyday life, calm down completely and have some time for yourself? Here are our suggestions for activities that allow you to lower your pulse and rest.


The biggest attractions

The biggest attractions in Bodø & Salten include the world’s strongest maelstrom, Norway’s second-largest glacier, midnight sun, northern lights, and numerous national parks.

Find your experience in Bodø & Salten

Bodø & Salten offers activities and experiences for everyone. Whether you are on a family vacation, a romantic getaway or an active nature trip with friends.

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