Things to do in Bodø & Salten

Activities and experiences in Bodø and Salten

Are you wondering what you can do in Bodø & Salten?
Glacier hiking under the midnight sun, great dining experiences, chalk-white beaches, cloud bars, climbing facilities and high mountains are just some of what we have to offer. Bodø & Salten is an eldorado for those interested in nature and culture, with activities and attractions for both young and old.

Adrenaline, speed and excitement

Museums, culture and history

At Kjerringøy you will find one of Norway’s best-preserved trading posts, and at Hamarøy you can visit the award-winning Hamsun Centre. For children and young people, the Norwegian Aviation Museum is a sure winner.

Summer in Salten

Go on a road trip, try island hopping or walk around national parks. Experiences await in Bodø & Salten. See our best tips for the summer holidays here.

Find inspiration for the summer holidays

Summer in Salten

The world’s strongest maelstrom, Norway’s second largest glacier, midnight sun, northern lights and dozens of national parks.

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