Street art in Bodø

Take a stroll through the city center to explore the legacy of the UpNorth graffiti festival and the captivating stories behind the NordlandiART project created by local artists.


NordlandiART is a unique art and storytelling project that showcases the cultural heritage of Nordland county through outdoor installations. Local artists contributed their works, turning Bodø into an expansive open-air gallery that celebrates the region’s history and traditions.

Grafitti art walls

In 2016, the street art festival UpNorth left its mark on Bodø’s buildings, and you can still see some of them around town. Several professional grafitti artists was invited to color the city with their work. These graffiti artworks, paint a vivid picture of urban expression, and most artworks are inspired by the nature and culture around Bodø.

In addition to these, you will find several smaller graffiti works around the city.

Here you will find the various works of grafitti art

Go street art hunting

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