9 Quirky things to do in Bodø

1. Go swimming in the Arctic Ocean!

Join Bodøs own swimming club “Bodø Penguins” as they go for daily dips in the ocean – each day throuchout the whole year! Or try one of our popular saunas located in the city center. Warm up inside and go for a refreshing bath afterwards. Promise you will feel renewed after this experience!

Swimming at Pust Bodø
Swimming at Pust Bodø (Kontrafei Media)

2. Eat Møsbrømlefse

A sweet dessert-like delicacy that is eaten as dinner. We love Møsbrømlefse, and if there is one thing you need to taste when you are visiting Bodø & Salten, it is this famous local dish!

Møsbrømlefse consists of a soft, thin bread, called lefse, filled with “møsbrøm”, which is a sweet and caramel-like sauce mainly made from brown cheese and milk. On top of the møsbrøm you usually have butter and sour cream, before you fold the lefse together and enjoy a real local meal.

3. Start knitting your Bodø2024 sweater

In Norway we have a weird and charming tradition of creating knitting patterns with unique designs to commemorate special events, celebrations and such. And of course, we have our own sweater pattern for Bodø 2024 – The European Capital of Culture year. Go to the local yarn store HipKnitShop and get everything you need to knit your own Bodø2024-sweater.

Crafting these personalized garments not only celebrates the occasion but also fosters a sense of connection and belonging to the cultural narrative of our city. The act of knitting these sweaters represents a creative and communal expression of enthusiasm and support for Bodø’s cultural journey.

4. Street art hunting

Did you know that there is a lot of great street art to see in the center of Bodø? In 2016, the street art festival UpNorth left its mark on Bodø’s buildings, and you can see several grafitti artworks in the city centre.

In addition to this, you will see several framed artworks on lots of buildings around town that is part of the NorlandiART collection. Actually the city isself function as a outdoor art gallery.

5. Try stockfish

You can find grilled stockfish at several restaurants in Bodø, and it is a popular dish among locals and visitors. Stockfish has been exported from Norway for several hundred years, and is therefore an important part of our culture and food tradition. Taste this delicious dish at places like Bjørk, Bryggerikaia og Lystpå. If you just want a little taste the traditional way – you can buy small snack packages of stockfish at almost every supermarket in town.

6. Go Northern Lights Hunting

Head outside to hunt the alluring Northern Lights. The chances are best when the sky is clear and dark. It is just as mesmerizing for us locals, even if we have seen it many times before.

7. Go hiking like a Norwegian

Hit the trails around Bodø and hike like a local. With numerous scenic routes to choose from, you can enjoy stunning views of fjords and mountains. Keep it simple, pack a snack, and relish the joy of hiking amidst Bodø’s beautiful landscapes. Remember to say “Hi” or “Hei” to everyone you meet – but only in the woods! This is how the Norwegians do it.

8. Moose Safari

Norway’s moose are distinctive for their impressive size and majestic presence. You don’t have to go far from the city centre to watch these iconic creatures in their natural habitat. It will be an unforgettable wildlife experience. But remember to keep safe distance – the most safe option is watching them from the car or together with a professional guide. You can book a moose safari tour together with “Experience North” or “Nordland Adventure”.

9. Buy a fish cake to go

Grab a classic Norwegian fish cake to take on the go. Find these tasty dishes in a local fish store like Bofisk. It’s an easy and delicious way to experience the local seafood flavors as you explore Bodø’s surroundings – no frills, just good eats.

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