Northern Lights

The best time to see the Northern Lights in Bodø & Salten is from September to April.

Have you ever experienced the Northern Lights?

Perhaps one of the most amazing light phenomena nature can offer. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are experienced most intensely far north in the northern hemisphere. Beautiful and mythical. It waves across the sky like a fluffy silk veil in green, yellow, white and pink. Sometimes like a flickering light, other times like an explosion of colors.

You will never forget it. Few things are more magical than standing in a snowy landscape and watching the green diva dance in the firmament, like the universe’s own pulse.

The Northern Lights can be experienced on dark, clear evenings from September to April. You see it best if you go a little out of town, where there are no city lights. The light from a flashlight or your car may be enough for you not to see it, so remember to turn it off. Often the magical light starts completely faint in the north of the sky, and moves higher up in the evening and at night.

Experience the Northern Lights

From northern lights and royal blue polar nights to pink winter pastels

Winter lights in Bodø & Salten

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Solvågtinden in the sun, Junkerdalen

Bodø & Salten

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