Fishermans cabins

STØTT – Top of Helgeland


We wish to welcome you to STØTT and to the unique trading place from the 19th century. Give your body a respite in the most comfortable beds surrounded by fresh sea breezes.

When you spend the night at Støtt, you sleep in the restored buildings at the trading post. The historic buildings ooze old coastal culture combined with stately details.

Our ambition is to welcome you with generosity and hospitality as traders have done for hundreds of years at Støtt. With us, you will live and sleep in the buildings worthy of preservation in a true northern Norwegian way.

Our overnight stays:

The bakery
Welcome to the Bakery which has an authentic and exclusive standard, and which will give you a feeling of nostalgia and luxury.

Welcome to Rorbua North and South. Rorbua is the house where the fishermen prepared the farm, suitable line, slept and ate. It has become many guests’ favorite room. Rorbua is well suited for families and groups of friends who want to live together.

Welcome to the charming and romantic storehouse. It has a small living room on the ground floor and 4 beds on the second floor.

you can take the Nordland Express (NEX1), also known as the regional speedboat.

We have good and efficient correspondence with Bodø, Ørnes and the rest of the Helgeland coast. Experience the world’s most beautiful coast, and be surprised!

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