Cultural Experiences

Prize-winning architecture, renowned festivals, street art, museums, and old trading posts – the culture of Salten is rich, vibrant, and diverse.

Cultural experiences in Bodø & Salten

Bodø will be the European Capital of Culture in 2024, and we are set to deliver a magnificent cultural program throughout the year. The city and the region already offer many exciting cultural experiences.

At Stormen Konserthus, you can enjoy everything from major rock concerts to moving dance performances. Kjerringøy boasts one of Norway’s best-preserved trading posts, and on Hamarøy, you can visit the award-winning Hamsunsenteret (Hamsun Center). For children and youth, the National Norwegian Aviation Museum is a sure winner – here, you can try flight simulators and experience the wonders of aviation technology up close.

Cultural Experiences

Museums and galleries

Explore Bodø and Salten’s museums, galleries, and exhibitions – there is something for all ages and interests!


In Bodø and Salten, there are several beautiful churches well worth a visit. You can read more about some of them.

Music and festivals

A growing community among young music enthusiasts, an award-winning concert hall, festivals, and concerts featuring both local talents and international stars. There is a lot of exciting things happening in the music scene in Bodø.

Event Calendar?

In our Facebook calendar, you will find an overview of all small and large events in Bodø & Salten.

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