Sulitjelma Visitor Mine

Opening hours

Åpningstider sesongen 2024:

I perioden 24.06. – 16.08.2024: Faste gruveturer hver tirsdag og torsdag kl. 12.00.
Annen hver lørdag kl. 14.00. Oversikt over alle faste gruveturer i 2024:


Step into the miner’s realm! In the visitor mine, you can glimpse Sulitjelma’s century-old mining history. Experience a unique journey 1.5 kilometers into the mountain on a locomotive and wagon. Inside the old mining area, our experienced guides share fascinating stories of mining operations and the life of miners in the 1900s.

The visitor mine is part of the Giken areas, operational from the early 1900s until 1991. The building associated with the mine is called Grunnstollbadet. Sulitjelma’s mining facilities are of immense scale, with up to 80 kilometers of rail tracks in the mines, some of which you can experience in the visitor mine.

This is one of the few visitor mines in Norway, featuring the photo exhibition “Det siste skiftet” (The Last Shift), providing insight into modern industrial history.

The visitor mine offers regular tours throughout much of the year, with tickets available for advance purchase.

Custom tours can also be arranged year-round, with bookings required at least two weeks in advance. This is an excellent experience for groups traveling together.

For booking forms and practical information, visit the Nordlandsmuseet website.

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