The Arctic Philharmonic


The Arctic Philharmonic is the worlds northernmost professional orchestra, presenting world class music experiences in a broad variety of genres and ensemble formats.

With the cities of Bodø and Tromsø as their home venues The Arctic Philharmonic is the world’s northernmost professional orchestra. Each year we give around 200 performances in a variety of genres and ensemble formats; From small chamber groups to symphony orchestra and staged opera, as well as cross over concert with artist of different genres’. In Bodø we are proud to call Stormen Concert Hall our home. With its splendid acoustics and beautiful facilities, it makes the perfect setting for world class music experiences.

In addition to their regular concerts, they offer concerts under the concept “Relæxt.”
Relæxt is a concept that customizes the concerts so that those who usually find attending concerts challenging have the opportunity to attend. This is suitable for children, adults, and families. The following adjustments are made:

The lighting in the venue will be subdued but never turned off.
Elimination of stage smoke and strobe lighting.
Adjustment of the sound level in the highest peaks.
Any other potential triggers specific to the performance can be read about in advance.
Creating a visual guide that describes the entire experience from your arrival at the concert to the end of the performance

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