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FOGG Gildeskål


FOGG Gildeskål is a high-end brand, specializing in hats, scarves and wool sweaters. Inspired by the Arctic, explorers, sailors and the way they have dressed. It is the clothing brand of the modern adventurer who does not compromise on either style or ethics.

The founders behind FOGG Gildeskål are the sisters Frøydis and Gøril Pedersen, they grew up in Gildeskål municipality. Frøydis is a trained architect and Gøril is a national costume master, and together they use their professions to create clean garments that combine modern design and traditional craftsmanship.

In old photos of fishermen and explorers, they look so stylish and tough! The modern adventurer appreciates quality, craftsmanship and history.

The vision is to make the world warmer – by sharing the Arctic lifestyle and way of thinking.

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