Our Arctic Identity

These are the stories of our culture and our common arctic identity

Welcome to our Home, just above the Arctic Circle

Nordland, a land of breathtaking landscapes, captivating fjords, and vibrant cultural traditions, is a region where nature’s grandeur and human history entwine in a captivating narrative. Nestled in the northern reaches of Norway, Nordland is a place where the fjords and mountains are not just backdrops but central characters in the story of the people who call this land home.

It’s in the corners of the wild and expansive region that we discover the tapestry of Nordland’s history, woven with threads of ancient Sami cultures, Viking sagas, the Hanseatic League’s bustling trade, and the enduring spirit of its modern inhabitants.

Let’s explore the history of Nordland through the European Capital of Culture’s three key themes.

Transition from Cold to Cool

how bodø transformed From a cold war target to a cool cultural hub

A city in transition, where tradition intertwines with innovation

Bodø played a significant role during the Cold War as a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) base. During this tense period of global geopolitics, Bodø’s strategic location along the Norwegian Sea made it a vital outpost in NATO’s defense strategy against the potential threat of the Soviet Union. Today, the Cold War tensions have eased, but Bodø’s history as a NATO base remains a part of its identity and heritage.

Transition emphasizes the ties to urban development and capacity-building initiatives. Over time, the cities and hubs in Nordland have demonstrated their ability to adapt to evolving circumstances. They have not only weathered different industrial eras but have also transformed into contemporary communities. Looking ahead, we face new challenges with the relocation of the NATO base and are preparing to foster the growth of a smart, lively, and sustainable urban environment and region. We are currently navigating the shift from “Cold War objectives” towards a future where culture unites us across Europe, fostering innovative dialogues and positioning ourselves as a genuine cultural hub.

our arctic identity

From Cold to Cool

Learn about the transitional history

Experience new and cultural Bodø

Fish & Ships

the history about our coastal culture and Creating a living in the north through centuries

Where the sea writes our story

Over the centuries, fishing has been not only a means of sustenance but a way of life for the people of Bodø and the larger Nordland community. Bodø’s history as a fishing center can be traced back to ancient times. However, it was during the heyday of the stockfish trade in the 19th and early 20th centuries that Bodø truly flourished. The city became a pivotal hub for the production and export of stockfish, a dried and preserved cod product that was highly sought after in international markets.

“Fish and Ships” is about how it is to live in Nordland, and how our history still resonates with us today. The history of the stockfish trade has played a significant role in the development of our country, from the time of Petter Dass, and it remains a vital part of our daily lives when fishing boats and trawlers arrive in ports all over Nordland. This is also reflected in our European collaborations, such as the Cold War and World War II stories, where they have influenced our collective consciousness and self-confidence.

Our arctic identity

Fish & Ships

Experience our Costal Culture

Tastes from the sea

Art of Nature

Arctic art in arctic nature

Where the essence of art intertwines with the raw beauty of nature.

Nordland’s breathtaking natural landscapes have also provided a captivating canvas for a growing trend of outdoor art installations. Such outdoor art installations, as the project “Kulturlandskapet Nordland”, not only enhance the visual appeal of the surroundings but also encourage a deeper connection between art, nature, and the observer.

“Art in Nature” is about exploring art from and within the Arctic perspective. It revolves around the concept of being in harmony with nature and the environment, rather than working against it. We coordinate projects and events that bring art into the natural world and nature into art. We aim to articulate our responsibility to preserve the nature we are a part of while making nature itself our primary stage.

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our arctic identity

Art of Nature

Explore the Arctic Art

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