Fiskebørsen – Saltstraumen Hotel


A traditional Northern Norwegian feast begins long before one sits at the table. In the heart of the world’s strongest tidal current, our guests will have the opportunity to experience and savor the purest ingredients, learn about and understand the significance of fish for us in the north, and its journey from fjord to table.

Fiskebørsen is a sustainable food workshop dedicated to the coast, the sea, and local food traditions, using only Norwegian ingredients. It is a place where one not only eats but also explores and understands the rich diversity of culture and history associated with our coastal community.

A visit to Fiskebørsen in Saltstraumen will provide you and your party with a truly unique experience, where our own chef guides you through the filleting and processing of both fish and seaweed. We generously share stories and myths, our heritage, and identity, and the evening concludes with an exclusive feast.

“Our guests should come out a bit wiser, more conscious, and even prouder of who they are and where they come from.”

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