Egna Bodø


A new shopping experience awaits you at Egna, where we take the lead in sustainable commerce and have created a unique gathering place.

Our welcoming premises house not only a store but also a café, sewing corner, meeting rooms, and an inspiring environment for those seeking more than just traditional shopping.

In our store, you’ll find a wide range of new and used items. We take pride in our close collaboration with local partners who supply surplus goods, B-grade items, and display models to our store. Among our treasures, you’ll discover exclusive designer clothing from Høyer, building materials from Julius Jakhelln, furniture from Bohus, and kitchen furnishings from Designa Bodø. Now you can also explore the selection at UFF Second Hand, which has recently opened its own store at Egna.

We aim to be a platform for local producers and start-ups, and the store is constantly filled with new and exciting products. Our delicate local food section entices with tasty products from local suppliers and the city’s best selection of organic drinks. At Egna, you’re not just buying goods; you’re also supporting the local community and contributing to a more sustainable practice.

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