PROSJEKT67 – Bodø2024


Project 67 is an organization that works towards the establishment of a collaboration across
the Arctic countries of Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

This is to focus on similarities between these countries, both in a historical perspective,
but also in the present and future. An Arctic perspective with a focus on similarities in
history, art, culture and social development. And that these countries share many of the
same challenges when it comes to climate and the environment. In addition to a collaboration, the goal is that a mobile display room for art is created in
each country. By using a mobile display room, you have the opportunity to put art into new
surroundings and contexts. In Bodø, they have built such a viewing room, which has now since 2020 done several projects in public spaces around Bodø and the surrounding area. This viewing room has large windows that make it possible to experience the art at any time
completely free of charge.

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