The starting point for the program concept in Bodø2024 – ARCTICulation – is the light in
Nordland. We are widely known for the Polar Night in the north, but few know that Bodø
is the world’s lightest city, measured in the number of hours of daylight per year.

The program develops in step with the light and the seasons, and the contrasts the year contains. Towards the end of the year, when the days get shorter, colors and perspectives change. This is the starting point for the last two weeks of the program for Bodø2024.
Between 15 – 30 November 2024, the capital of culture marking will end with artistic and
cultural content that focuses on light and perspective. The program consists of both
large, accessible expressions such as facade lighting and light installations, and content with artistic interpretations of the terms light and perspective, such as dance/stage art, concerts and light walks.

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