Stave Church in Beiarn

A miniature stave church.

Welcome to Norway’s northernmost stave church

Perhaps Norway’s smallest stave church can be found in Beiarn, just a couple of hours’ drive from Bodø. The stave church in Beiarn is impressive, detailed, and surprisingly small. You might be surprised at just how small it actually is.

The man behind the stave church lives nearby and, impressively enough, built the stave church on his own. His working drawing was a postcard from Gol, measuring 11 cm, which resulted in the church being 11 meters high.

You can find the stave church a short drive from the center of Storjord in Beiarn, charmingly situated in the beautiful Beiarn.

The stave church is open for visits year-round and is approved as a place of worship.

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