If you are looking for airy and magnificent views, Seglfjellet is a good alternative. The hike up is not particularly demanding, but when you reach the top, the mountain suddenly plunges several hundred meters straight into the fjord.


At the store or the school in Beiarn

Highest point

647 masl


Moderate, partly marked trail


8,3 km round trip


Path, hilly terrain


6 hours

Hike Description

Tour with varied terrain. Start from the school or the Coop store. Follow Soløyveien along the river northwards. The trail leaves the road after 600 m. The first part is steep, but at the top it eases off. You follow the marked trail to the highest point on it and then take off up towards Seglfjell. It is easy to find.

The view is no less than magnificent from Seglfjellet across the Beiarfjord, towards the farms Øynes, Nordland, Tvervik, Soløy and Arstad. Seglfjellet takes its name from the steep bare-hewn mountain facing the fjord where a råseil (old northern boat sail) is “drawn in”. Feel free to combine the trip with fishing in Seglfjellvatnet.

This hike is one of Saltens Friluftsråd’s selected 55 captivating hikes in the region.

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Getting to Seglfjell

The easiest way to get to Moldjord is by bus or your own car. The bus runs from Bodø to Moldjord with daily departures and approx. 2.5 hours travel time.

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