PopUp-restaurant at Landegode Lighthouse

// Photo 1: Karoline O.A. Pettersen
// Photo 2 – 4: Haakon Hoseth


Experience a culinary world with PopUp Norge and their renowned guest chefs!
Welcome to PopUp Norge, a unique PopUp restaurant that takes you on a flavorful journey with local ingredients and culinary diversity.

Each PopUp restaurant is located in a new destination, and this summer season, they are taking over the majestic Landegode Lighthouse. The rich history of this beautiful destination will be intertwined into a unique dining experience.

Every week, they hand over the kitchen to a renowned guest chef who is tasked with creating their specialties using the local ingredients available. Each guest chef takes you on a journey through different flavors and styles. From the Mediterranean to the Norwegian coast and onwards to Asia, you will experience a truly unique 7-10 course menu in a place where no one would expect an exclusive restaurant to be created. PopUp Norge’s wine expert has also carefully curated a wine package that complements the flavors on the plate in a unique way.

Welcome to PopUp Bodø at Landegode this summer!

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