Zahlfjøsen Gallery


Zahlfjøsen barn was built by the merchant Zahl in Kjerringøy in 1892-94, and was in ordinary operation until the summer of 1995. The barn was restored and opened to the public in June 1998.

Today, Zahlfjøsen barn contains an exhibition entitled “Hamsun in Films and Photos,” together with a gallery and sales outlet, a boatyard, library, local community office and a storeroom for locally produced potatoes and vegetables.

The “Hamsun in Films and Photos” exhibition: Clips from over 20 films based on Knut Hamsun’s literature (35 mins.). Karl Erik Harr’s original illustrations from, amongst others “The Growth of the Soil”, “Pan”, “Victoria” and “Benoni and Rosa.”
After hours or off-season visits must be booked in advance by phone or email.

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