Brødrene Berbusmel Café


Brødrene Berbusmel are the brothers Ola and Lars, a baker and a chef. Together with our little sister Berit, we grew up fishing with our dad, with our mother’s home baked bread, grandma’s club and fish gratin, and our grandpa’s cakes and lefse.

Fall 2018, we opened our own café “Brødrene Berbusmel Bakery & Deli”! Here we will continue our philosophy of local dishes and products, pure flavors, and a mix of traditional and modern techniques. The bakery focuses on handicrafts, quality and locoal products, and good recipies. According to us few ingredients apart from flour, corn, yeast and water, as well as a good rise time gives the best bread.

We have a rich selection of delicacies for dale, ranging from bacon, good cheese, to oils, vinegar and freash seasonal meat, as well as an exciting catering menu with many local products. Come by for a cinnamon roll and a good cup of coffee.

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