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Saltfjell Sami Adventure


Welcome to an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, a deeper journey into the Sámi culture and way of life. Saltfjell Sami Adventure offers you the opportunity to partake in an ancient cultural heritage and experience unique closeness with our reindeer. You also become a part of a living history, where Sámi culture and harmony with nature intertwine. Get ready to be enchanted by the old and inspired by the modern, woven together by Sámi tradition that has survived millennia.

Saltfjell Sami Adventure is a cultural gem located in the heart of Bodø city. Our large lavvu is an ideal gathering place for storytelling, where you also have the opportunity to partake in Sámi culinary culture. All your senses—taste, smell, hearing, and touch—will be engaged around the warm fire.

The lavvu symbolizes community and warmth, and its round shape and simple design reflect our nomadic lifestyle. You are invited to share moments, forge connections, and experience genuine Sámi hospitality.

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