Hunting the Northern Lights

Hunting the Northern Lights from Bodø


Join us on an adventure trip with many items and activities right outside Bodø. Get fascinated by the Northern Light phenomenon and get an introduction to how this occurs.

Departure from Bodø city center to today’s area to hunt for the Northern Lights. On board the bus it will be informed about the phenomenon Nordlys and there will also be a film about the Northern Lights.
After arriving at the evening’s excursion, there is something hot to drink (coffee / tea or the like) and some snacks to keep warm while chasing the Northern Lights.
Then just enjoy the time waiting for the Northern Light to dance over the sky.

Approx. 11:30 PM to 00:00: return to Bodø city center.

It is important to wear warm clothes when you are out in the cold winter night. Good warming shoes and outerwear that protect against wind as well as hat, gloves and scarves are important to wear.

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