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Are you adventurous, curious about the Sami culture, the reindeer and want to experience it up close?” – Then you’ve come to the right place!

From short visits that last an hour and a half, to trips in the mountains over several days.
Reindeer are wonderful in many ways, and for the Sami culture they have always been vital for transport, food, materials for crafts and clothing.
But there is also another story, – Climate change makes grazing conditions unpredictable and more and more predators challenge the traditional, environmentally friendly way of life among the Sami.

We want you as our guests to get a real, true experience of life in the north.
The Sami culture is surrounded by many romantic myths. Some of them are true, but not all.
A visit to us should feel natural, which is why you will find us in the reindeer’s natural surroundings, between the mountains,
under the northern lights, where both reindeer and guests find peace.

Welcome to take part in our everyday life!

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