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RIB to Saltstraumen with Sea Eagle Safari – Explore Salten


Experience the force of the world’s strongest tidal current – Saltstraumen. Explore Salten takes you and your group out in a RIB boat when the current is at its strongest. Get ready for a wild experience!

Explore Salten offers a spectacular and unique trip for those who want something special! Make sure you have your camera ready!

We will of course look for the majestic sea eagle – which we often can observe in the area.

The tour goes behind Straumøya so you will also experience the narrow Sundstraumen and we will make several stops for guiding along the way.

RIB in the winther
RIB tours to Saltstraumen in the winter time are just as spectacular as in the summer. We will provide warm suits and good footwear, but we still recommend that you put on extra warm clothes under the suit so you dont get cold during the tour.

RIB safari and events
Contact us if you want to add something special to your event. Bring friends, family or company on something spectacular.

If you would like to include dining or other activities, the tour will take approx. 3-4 hours.

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