The Arctic Light

Dancing northern lights, winter pastels or glowing sunsets will take your breath away.

Bodø is the place in the world with the most hours of daylight during a year

Bodø is located on a peninsula, in the middle of Nordland’s beautiful coastline, and therefore we do not have any mountains blocking the lights. All winter we can see the sun, or glimpses of the sun, just below the horizon. This means that Bodø has a spectacular light, all year round, even in the darkest period of the year. From deep blue to shimmering gold and sugar pink.

In fact, we do not have real darkness or polar nights in the winter, even though we have midnight sun in the summer, due to the location juuust above the Arctic Circle. It is therefore said that Bodø is the place on earth that got the most hours of daylight during a year.

The wonderful phenomenon has become a favorite object for photographers who would like to capture the ever changing winter light. In addition, we have the always fascinating northern lights. Even those of us who live here all year round are constantly captivated by the dancing colors in the sky.

When the sun never sets, you can walk barefoot over chalky white sand and warm rocks by the sea. You can admire the midnight sun from a mountain or watch it hang like a polished piece of gold on the horizon while enjoying an equally orange cocktail at one of Bodø’s sky bars. Take the chance and experience the midnight sun when it hangs next to the island Landegode – one of Norway’s most used post card motives of all time. 

Polar night or polar light?

When the darker period descends and the artist that is nature dips his brush in indigo and ice blue colors, the magical winter lights appear north of the Arctic Circle. Winter is far from dark here in Bodø & Salten. Locals prefer to call it “the time of colors” because of all the beautiful colors floating on the horizon.

From northern lights and royal blue polar nights to pink winter pastels 

Polar light in Bodø & Salten

Have you ever been outdoors on a winter night in Northern Norway? Then you may have witnessed the most amazing light phenomenon that nature can offer. The northern lights, named Aurora Borealis, are experienced most intensely in the far north of the northern hemisphere. Like light silk veils, green, yellow, red and pink cosmic light flutters in an improvised choreography. You must be there to understand it.

The northern lights can show up on dark, clear evenings from September to April. In Bodø, under the Aurora Oval, a belt of light that circulates through the geomagnetic poles, you have the best opportunity to see the colorful and moving northern lights. It often starts weakly in the far north on the sky and moves higher in the evening and night.

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