The best places to experience the midnight sun in Bodø and Salten

Nothing beats staying up all night to enjoy the magic of the midnight sun.

It is a very special experience to be out in the light when sounds and wildlife indicate that it is night. Walk barefoot over a chalk-white sand, admire the sun from a mountain top or go on a glacier hike while the sun just dips into the horizon. You create the best summer memories in the middle of the night, we know all about that

Here are the places you should go to experience
the midnight sun

1. The north side of Bodø

If you drive along the north coast from Bodø, white sandy beaches are like pearls on a string, some of which are fantastic vantage points for watching the midnight sun. Check out: Mjelle, Hovdsundet, Geitvågen or Løpsstranda.

Midnattssol på Mjelle // Foto: Visit Bodø

2. Sky-bars in the city center

Top13 at the top of the Radisson BLU Hotel, and Roast bar and restaurant at the top of Hotel Scandic Havet. Put on your pumps and enjoy a drink while admiring the beautiful 360-degree views of the city and surroundings.

Utsikt fra Roast // Foto: Visit Bodø

3. Mount Rønvikfjellet

Drive up to Turisthytta / Rønvikfjellet. A short drive from the center of Bodø you will find this beautiful vantage point. You can drive all the way up, and have a late midnight picnic while enjoying views north to the mountains, ocean and midnight sun on one side, and the city on the other.

Utsikt mot Landegode fra Turisthytta // Foto: Visit Bodø

4. Keiservarden

From Maskinisten you can walk up to Keiservarden – which is the city’s most popular tour for both locals and visitors. Up here there are absolutely beautiful views!!

Keiservarden // Foto: Visit Bodø

5. Ureddplassen view point

If you come driving to Bodø from the southwest – along Kystriksveien, you will have a fantastic view along the road. Stop at Ureddplassen in Gildeskål – a picnic area with perhaps the world’s most beautiful outdoor toilet.

Ureddplasssen // Foto: Heidi Norum
Ureddplassen // Foto: Karoline O.A. Pettersen

6. Beaches in Salten

Salten is filled with white sandy beaches facing north towards the midnight sun. Bøsanden in Steigen, for example, is worth a visit. The same is Langsanden in Gildeskål. The view and silence here is absolutely stunning!

Bøsanden i Steigen // Foto: Frank R. Dahl

Tranøy Lighthouse

At Tranøy lighthouse in Hamarøy, you get a magical view directly of the midnight sun that hangs out in the sea over the Lofoten wall. Climb all the way to the top of the lighthouse, or enjoy the view from the mountains. Feel free to add an overnight stay in the lighthouse keeper’s house next door, and eat a delicious supper in the restaurant.

Tranøy fyr // Foto: Bea Thi Våland


Kjerringøy is a real paradise in the summer. Here you have a view north towards the midnight sun wherever you are. Camp on a secluded beach, walk on a mountain top, paddle out to sea or enjoy a glass of wine from the pier.

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