15 spectacular hikes

Going on a mountain hike is almost mandatory when you are on holiday in Northern Norway

The Northern Norwegian Mountain peaks offer spectacular views that the pictures can hardly justify. The experience of scouting beyond some of the most beautiful nature in Norway gives a very special feeling of adrenaline and peace at the same time. Here are Bodø & Salten’s mountain hike favorites for the ultimate Northern Norwegian experience.

1. Sandhornet

Difficulty: Demanding, marked path
Lengde: 8 km t/r
Highest point: 1036 masl.
Time estimate: 5 hours round trip
Municipality: Gildeskål

Sandhornet stands like a symmetrical peak straight up from the sea in Gildeskål. From here you have a view of the crystal clear sea and the beautiful archipelago south in the Salten region. It is a demanding trip, but all the effort is worth it when you are at the top!

2. Per Karlsatind

Difficulty: Demanding, marked path
Length: 7 km t/r
Highest point: 1036 masl
Time estimate: 5 timer t/r
Municipality: Bodø

Per Karlsatind is one of the peaks among the iconic Børvasstindan mountain range. A beautiful walk with a view that will take your breath away. The walk itself will also do that to you, as it is pretty demanding. But, this is a well-attended peak that provides a lot of views for the effort.

3. Finnesfjellet and Finnesjuran

Difficulty: Medium, marked path
Length: 3.5 km round trip
Highest point: 506 masl
Time estimate: 3 hours round trip
Municipality: Gildeskål

Finnesfjellet is one of the finest peaks in Gildeskål, and has become a huge favorite among locals in Salten. Here you get a completely raw view of the coastal landscape from the top, and on the way up you just have to experience Finnesjuran. These are some spectacular mini mountain peaks that stand approx. 25m up from the ground. They are a wonderful sight – especially in the evening sun.

4. Rødøyløva

Difficulty: Medium, marked path
Length: 8 km round trip
Highest point: 518 masl
Time estimate: 3 hours round trip
Municipality: Rødøy

Majestic Rødøyløva provides an unforgettable view of the thousands of small and large islands in Rødøy. It is airy at the top, but the walk up goes on beautiful sherpa stairs. If you are heading north or south along Kystriksveien, this is one of the classics you should see along the Helgeland coast.

5. Sørskottind

Difficulty: Medium
Length: 4.4 km round trip
Highest point: 608 masl
Time estimate: 3 hours
Municipality: Steigen

Sørskottinden is located on the way out to Nordskot in beautiful Steigen. All the way up you have a unique view of Steigen’s beautiful coastal landscape with crystal clear sea, dozens of islands and chalk-white sandy beaches. From the top you look out over the majestic Skotstindan and Lofoten in the far end of the sea.

6. Trohornet

Difficulty: Medium
Length: 8 km round trip
Highest point: 650 masl
Time estimate: 4.5 hours round trip
Municipality: Steigen

This is truly one of the most beautiful summit hikes in scenic Steigen. From the top you look straight down at the long white beach Bøsanden and if you go in the evening you can just squint at Lofoten bathing in the midnight sun.

7. Engenbreen and Helgelandsbukken at Svartisen

Difficulty: Demanding
Length: 10.7 km round trip (including the shuttle boat from the main road over to Engenbreen)
Highest point: 1270 masl
Time estimate: 3 hours round trip
Municipality: Meløy

Take the trip to Svartisen and Engenbreen – Norway’s lowest glacier. Experience the magical blue ice before you go up to the cabin Tåkeheimen. Post an overnight stay here before continuing to the top of Helgelandsbukken. This is a demanding trip, but at the top a fantastic 360-degree panorama view of the sea, islands, fjords, Svartisen and mountain ranges awaits! When you come down to Engenbreen again you can have a well-deserved meal at Brestua, with beautiful views of the glacier.

8. Seglfjellet

Difficulty: Medium
Length: 8.3 km round trip
Highest point: 647 masl
Time estimate: 6 hours round trip
Municipality: Beiarn

Seglfjellet is an airy peak with magnificent views. At the very edge, the rock wall goes straight down – so be careful!

9. Hatten

Difficulty: Demanding
Length: 6.6 km round trip
Highest point: 850 masl
Time estimate: 4 h
Municipality: Hamarøy

Hatten offers one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Northern-Salten, with a view of both the Vestfjord and Lofoten. It is located far from other mountains, and the sea view is therefore formidable! The mountain is the highest in its mountain range, and can be seen from almost everywhere north of Salten.

10. Svartvasshamran

Difficulty: Medium / Demanding
Length: 11.2 km round trip
Highest point: 626 masl
Time estimate: 4-5 hours
Municipality: Meløy

This is without a doubt one of the favorite trips for the locals in Meløy. You walk in beautiful mountain terrain, and from the top you have a view of Meløy’s majestic mountains, beautiful skerries and the Vestfjord. On clear days you look all the way to the characteristic mountains on Træna in Helgeland.

11. Bjørntinden og Rismålstind

Difficulty: Demanding
Length: 10 km round trip
Highest point: 887 masl
Time estimate: 6 hours round trip
Municipality: Rødøy

On this trip you will experience a powerful encounter between sea, mountains and glaciers. Here you can look out over Svartisen glacier which spreads over the mountain and towards the fjords. From here you can take a detour to beautiful Rismålstind.

12. Hamarøyskaftet/Skaftheia

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 8 km round trip
Highest point: 400 masl
Time estimate: 2 hours round trip
Municipality: Hamarøy

Hamarøyskaftet is an iconic peak in Hamarøy. On your own you only get up to Skaftheia, but you also have spectacular views from here. To get to the top, you must have climbing experience or book a guide. Both Nordland Turselskap and Albmi Adventures can guide you to the top.

13. Solvågtind

Difficulty: Demanding, marked path
Length: 16 km round trip
Highest point: 1559 masl
Time estimate: 8 hours round trip
Municipality: Saltdal

This is a trip for those who are in good physical shape, or for those who want an extra challenge. But here is plenty of water and streams to swim in on the way up if it gets too hot! From the top there is a beautiful 360 degree view!@

14. Kvarven

Difficulty: Medium
Length: 8 km round trip
Highest point: 540 masl
Time estimate: 4 hours round trip
Municipality: Bodø, Kjerringøy

Kvarven is located on idyllic Kjerringøy, at the far end of the north side of Bodø. The Kjerringøy landscape is Norwegian summer at its most beautiful. Ice blue water, white South Sea beaches and the dazzling midnight sun that hangs over the Lofoten mountain range in the distance. The path up to Kvarven is easy and varied.

15. Mørsvikvasstinden

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 7 km round trip
Highest point: 640 masl
Time estimate: 2.5 hours round trip
Municipality: Sørfold

You can hike this hike on your way north or south past Sørfold along the E6 road. The view from the top is beautiful over several lakes. The trip is also nice in the winter time.

Engenbreen // Photo: Karoline O.A. Pettersen

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