“The most beautiful top hike I’ve ever done!” There are many superlatives about this trip. It gives you both a real peak ride and a kind hike. On the way up you pass Klekstinden.


By the bus stop at Mølleskog

Highest point

645 masl


Moderate, marked trail


8,8 km round trip


Along a path in the forest and mountain terrain. Some scree cove


4,5 hours

Hike Description

The steepest part of the walk is at the start, up the grassy meadow, while the rest of the walk is much gentler. The last part is somewhat airy and can be challenging for some, but the payoff is great when you stand on the top of Trohornet and look down on Bø and Bøsanden, and then let your gaze follow the entire Lofoten Wall there west into the sea. You will be captivated!

Trohornet is located on Engeløya. About. 5 km from Ålstadcrossing, on the left. You park at the bus stop at Mølleskog. The tour starts at the sign. The whole trip is well marked with T’s and the path is cleared to a decent width. After passing a gate just after the start, you soon turn right through the birch forest. Soon the sedge appears, the heaviest part of the trip. Then you are up in more glistening birch forest, and the path flattens out. Just where you leave the forest belt, turn left and follow the path and cairns up the slopes. Follow the path further until you go down into a small valley and then up through a stone clock. After a few hundred meters you are at the cairn at the top.

This hike is one of Saltens Friluftsråd’s selected 55 captivating hikes in the region.

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Getting to Trohornet

The easiest way to travel to Trohornet is with your own car or bicycle in combination with a fast boat to Bogøy. Express boat from Bodø to Bogøy (Nordlandsekspressen), approx. 2 hours travel time. Daily departures. Bicycles can be taken on the speedboat for free.

Bus from Holkestad crossing on Bogøy to Mølleskog is also an option. NB! School route, the bus only runs when there is school and not in the summer, approx. 10 minute journey by bus.

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