On the hike to Sørskottinden, every step up is accompanied by exceptional views.


Parking area at Sørskot

Highest point

608 masl


Moderate, unmarked trail


5,2 km round trip


Trail through forests and mountain terrain

Estimated time

2 hours 30 min

Hiking Description

On the first part of the hike, you pass the remains of an ancient settlement fortification before ascending further and enjoying increasingly breathtaking views of the cultural landscape, white beaches, hills, and a myriad of islands. Halfway up, you reach the idyllic Sørskotvatnet. Take a rest here and refill your water bottles if needed. From the summit, you can admire the majestic Skotstindan mountains, and the Lofoten Wall guards the western horizon.

For those seeking an extra challenge, the hike can be extended with the Nordskot Traverse, an airy hike along the polished ridge towards Skotstindan. The traverse requires climbing experience or a guide.

The hike starts from Sørskot, on the road to Nordskot, about 3 km before reaching Nordskot. Park your car at the cemetery or leave your bike by the roadside. The starting point is signposted on the east side of the road shortly after leaving the parking area and heading towards the settlement at Sørskot. Follow the trail through the forest, turn left, and continue up the slope and a slightly steep couloir. After reaching this point, the trail you should follow veers to the right and is signposted towards Sørskotfjellet. Follow the clearly marked trail to the summit.

The hike is one od Salten Friluftsråd´s selected 55 captivating hikes in the region.

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Getting to Sørskottinden

The easiest way to reach Sørskottinden is by private car or bike in combination with a ferry to Nordskot.

Take the express boat from Bodø to Nordskot. The journey from Bodø takes approximately 1.5 hours. Daily departures. Bicycles can be brought on the express boat.

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