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Activities at Manshausen – Where sea and mountains meet


On Manshausen you can rent motorboats, fishing gear, single or double kayaks, snowshoes, snorkel gear, diving bottles, cycles and climbing gear. Tours can be done with or without a guide.

With its unique location between small islands, sandy beaches and high mountains, Manshausen is one of Norway’s best adventure playgrounds. Here you can do everything from simple walks on the nearby islands, easy kayak paddling, fish, lie on the beach, enjoy the northern lights or the midnight sun from the hut tub, to more spectacular treks and activities. Pretty much everything that is fun to do outdoors is in close proximity to Manshausen, both summer and winter. We even have our own outdoor saltwater pool!

The easiest way to get to Manhausen is taking the Express boat from Bodø. Please find routes at Bookings prior to arrival can be wise during summer

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