The hike up to Skåla and Skarbotn is so stunning that it will take your breath away. If you think it’s the uphill climb that does it, you’re mistaken… The view of Brennvika and the majestic Brennviktindan mountains is a classic photo motif for a reason.


At Brennviksanden or designated parking area

Highest point

575 masl


Moderate, unmarked trail


5 km round trip


Trail through forest and mountain terrain

Estimated time

3 hours 30 min

Hiking Description

Turen opp følger god og delvis merket sti. Vi anbefaler en The ascent follows a good and partially marked trail. We recommend taking a detour to Hestøyran before descending to the cabin from the highest point of the trail. The view from there will leave a lasting impression!

Regardless, we highly recommend taking a coffee break at Skarbua. The cabin was built by dedicated individuals from the community and should be treated with care. Its charming and specially designed structure will warm your heart. If nature calls, the outdoor toilet is an experience in itself. Skarbua is open to all and can accommodate 4 people for overnight stays. Any overnight stays must be arranged in advance.

You can start the hike from two locations, Brennviksanden or Hustoft. The trails merge after a few hundred meters. The trail is well-traveled and clearly marked. There are no places to go wrong, although there may be alternative paths in the forested area. Initially, the trail runs through birch forest, and a couple of hundred meters after the trails merge, it follows along the river with clean drinking water. When you reach the lookout at the bottom of Skåla, it’s a great spot for a rest and a taste of the view that awaits you higher up. From there, the trail ascends steadily. Midway through Skåla, the trail veers to the right before reaching the highest point at 575 meters above sea level. From there, you’ll have a clear view of the cabin in Skarbotn just below.

The hike is one of Salten Friluftsråd´s 55 captivating hikes in the region.

To do nearby

Getting to Skarbua

The easiest way to reach Skarbua is by combining cycling with an express boat (hurtigbåt) to Helnessund or by private car.

The express boat (Nordlandsekspressen) from Bodø to Helnessund is approximately 1 hour travel time. Daily departures. You can bring your bicycle on the boat.

There is also a bus from Helnessund to Hustoft. Daily departures, which correspond with the express boat schedule. 10 minutes travel time by bus.

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