Road trip to Sørfold, Steigen and Hamarøy

Enjoy architectonic buildings, crystal-clear sea and countless chalk-white sandy beaches.

Duration: 3 – 5 days
Season: Summer and Autumn
Transport: By car (or a combination of bus, bike and express boat)
Distance: approx. 550 km one way (if you stop at all the places)

Go on a road trip from Bodø to the summer gems of Steigen and Hamarøy and enjoy architectonic buildings, crystal-clear sea and countless chalk-white sandy beaches. Spend the night at the photogenic Manshausen or rent a hammock tent at Naustholmen. Visit the spectacular Hamsun Centre and experience the Nordland nature that inspired Nobel Prize-winning author Knut Hamsun’s world-renowned novels. On the way, you can go on a hike in Rago National Park – where you are guaranteed to take your best Instagram photo of the summer!

Roadtrip to sørfold, steigen og hamarøy

What to expect along the route

Where do I travel and where do I stop?

This route starts in Bodø or Fauske, and goes through Sørfold, Steigen and Hamarøy. From here you can drive further north to Lofoten and Narvik.

Start: Bodø or Fauske

Downtown Bodø is a natural starting point for various experiences and excursions in Salten and other parts of Nordland. The city is a transport hub for aircraft, trains, express boats, ferries, Hurtigruten, buses and cars. Bodø is characterised by a vibrant cultural life, restaurants, cafés, shopping, pubs, bars and sky bars, combined with magnificent nature-based experiences in the immediate vicinity.

Are you driving along E6 you can make Fauske as your starting point. Here you will find a small city centre with shopping, gas station and restaurants.

Rago National Park

Rago National Park has become a popular destination in Salten. This is hardly surprising as the nature here is exceptionally beautiful and takes most people’s breath away. Over the past couple of years, picturesque Rago has become an Instagram hotspot. Just check #ragonasjonalpark. However, there is plenty of space and you won’t need to hike in a line! You can spend the night in the great outdoors with your friends and family and have an extremely relaxing time. If you are driving a camper van or want to stay in a cabin, you will find Øyra Camping near the start of the hiking route. Swimming and fishing in the nearby river are also wonderful activities!

Bjørklund gård

On your way north, we recommend making a side trip to Styrkesnes. You will be rewarded with beautiful views of the fjord. You can also visit the idyllic farm Bjørklund Gård where you can pick raspberries and strawberries. The berries are extra sweet as they are grown in Arctic conditions with a lot of sun but lower temperatures.

You can also spend the night here in a dome – perfect for couples.

Return from Styrkesnes via route no. 7500 (the old E6) on “forgotten paths” through beautiful Bonådalen, Sildhopen and Mørsvikbotn. In Mørsvikbotn, you will find a grocery store, fuel, toilet and camping ground with an emptying station

Experiences in Sørfold

Bøsanden and Brennviksanden

Continue driving and turn off to Steigen, the municipality often referred to as the “most beautiful natural secret in Nordland”. You will find everything from steep mountains with fjord views to a unique archipelago with chalk-white sandy beaches and azure green water.

The two most beautiful beaches are Bøsanden on the island of Engeløya and Brennviksanden in Helnessund.

Long sand dunes and slightly cold water await here (but it’s so beautiful that you almost forget this). A day at the beach here is likely to provide plenty of photos for your Instagram feed.

Remember to clean up after you and take your rubbish with you, so that the next visitors can have the same enjoyable nature-based experience as you. (Brennviksanden is a nature reserve, so camping and campfires are prohibited on and around the beach, but you are welcome to swim as much as you want!).

Video: Bøsanden

Unique places to stay in Steigen

A night (or three) in Steigen is in order because you will find several of the most unique places to stay in the entire Salten region.

With its beautiful location and wonderful architecture, the island of Manshausen has become a favourite among journalists and influencers the world over. 

Helnessund Brygger has an idyllic location and many activities ideal for families and friends. The same goes for Nordskot Brygge. On the island of Naustholmen you can stay in a charming room or rent a hammock tent, and enjoy food and good stories dished up by the owner and adventurer Randi Skaug – the first Norwegian woman to conquer Mount Everest. She will gladly take you on a hike!

Experiences in Steigen

The Hamsun center and og Hamsun’s childhood home

If you continue north to Hamarøy, visiting The Hamsun Centre is an absolute “must”. The centre is in an architectural gem in the landscape that inspired Nobel Prize-winning author Knut Hamsun’s novels.

You can attend a book reading, reading group or explore the centre on your own. While in Hamarøy, you can also visit Hamsun’s Childhood Home and the old trading post at Breidablikk.


In the nature and culture village of Tranøy, you can stay overnight in the Tranøy lighthouse, visit galleries, treat yourself to spa treatments or simply experience a unique North Norwegian village. You can also experience an outdoor art park with a diversity of sculptures.

Climbing up Hamarøyskaftet

Adrenaline-seeking youth and adults will love the climb up to the summit of Hamarøyskaftet. You can hike to Skaftheia on your own, but if you want to continue to the summit you should have assistance from a professional climbing instructor. Nordland Turselskap can guide you safely to the summit. This is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable nature-based adventures of your holiday.

Experiences in Hamarøy

Musikk til kjøreturen?

Drive further up north?

From Skutvik in Hamarøy you can take the express boat over to Lofoten (Svolvær).

If you have a car, you can take the ferry thats goes from Skutvik to Svolvær and Skrova in the summer time. Or you can drive in approx. 40 min to Bognes and take the ferry from there to Lødingen. This goes all year around.

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