Hamarøyskaftet and Skaftheia

Hamarøyskaftet and Skaftheia

Hamarøyskaftet is a natural obelisk that catches the eye. Its distinctive, towering shape has made it a landmark for ages. You can walk halfway up to Skaftheia, but when you get to the last steep part, you will need a climbing guide.


Along Fv. 17 at Mølnbukta, not marked

Highest point

400 masl (Skaftheia)


Skaftheia: Easy, marked trail Hamarøyskaftet: Challenging


2,6 km round trip (Skaftheia)



Estimated time

1 – 2 hours round trip (Skaftheia)

Hiking Description

If you want to ascend Hamarøyskaftet itself, you need climbing experience or the assistance of a local climbing guide. This is recommended for those seeking the full experience! However, most people settle for a trip to Skaftheia. It can be done by anyone who can handle an uphill climb. From Skaftheia (400 meters above sea level), you’ll have a great view of Straumsvatnet, the Lofoten Wall, Steigen, and inner Hamarøy if you turn around. If you wish to extend your hike, Landstyrkerstien is recommended, a rarely beautiful trek through raw Nordland nature.

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Getting to Hamarøyskaftet and Skaftheia

From the parking lot, head north and uphill along a clearly marked trail. You’ll pass through a gate (remember to close it) and then ascend diagonally until you reach Skaftheia.

If you want to climb Hamarøyskaftet, follow the trail along the ridge to the base. The climbing route from there is graded at difficulty 4+/5- with descent possible through 5 established rappels, the longest being 30 meters.

If you want to continue to Straumsvatnet or take the Landstrykerstien circular route, follow the well-marked trail further across the ridge, down to the lake, and then along the south and west sides, through the pass to Nordlandsdalen, and further south along the coast to Nordland and Sørdal before ascending back to Vassenga. From Nordland, there is a good footpath up to Vassenga

The hike is one of Salten Friluftsråds 55 attractive hikes in Salten.

An iconic landmark


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