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In Hamarøy, you get the ultimate combination of nature and culture.

Where nature and culture meets

Hamarøy is a true adventureland in magnificent nature. From dramatic fjords and high mountains in the inner parts of Tysfjorden and Hellmofjorden, to a spectacular panorama over the Vestfjorden and the Lofoten Wall in outer Hamarøy.

The beautiful municipality has the nature experiences you long for, combined with unique cultural experiences that bring you joy in both heart and mind. Welcome to top-class nature and cultural experiences.

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Cycling in Hamarøy and Steigen

Accommondation in Hamarøy


Hamarøy offers unique accommodations and fantastic places for camping.

What to do in Hamarøy

Activities and attractions

Hamarøy offers fantastic fjords, majestic mountain peaks, and world-class climbing. You can easily combine the magnificent nature experiences with cultural input. Start the day at the Hamsun Center, followed by a visit to Glimma, where you can enjoy great views of the mountains on outer Hamarøy and the powerful ocean current, Lesma. Make the day complete with an overnight stay at Tranøy Lighthouse.

Knut Hamsuns realm

The famous author and Nobel Prize winner grew up in Hamarøy towards the end of the 19th century. On his 150th birthday, the Hamsun Center was completed in all its glory and has since invited visitors to explore and dive deep into the controversial life and literature of the author.

The wondrous tower is idyllically located by the ocean current of Glimma and is surrounded by magnificent nature.

The windows and balconies of the award-winning building encourage you to see and listen to the landscape that Knut Hamsun grew up in, and which inspired world-famous books such as Pan, Growth of the Soil, and Wayfarers.

In Hamarøy you can also visit Hamsuns childhood home and walk around in his footsteps.

Hiking suggestions in Hamarøy


Hiking along the waterfront or climbing steep mountains. Here are our hiking suggestions in Hamarøy.


A hike to the top of Hamarøyskaftet is one of the greatest hiking experiences you will find in Salten. Although the mountain cannot boast of more than a height of 513 meters, the hike offers several nice sections with climbing and airy passages. There are also many mountain ledges where you can stop and rest or just enjoy the view along the way.

This is a real climbing gem and for many, it is also the first proper climbing trip they try. Hamarøyskaftet may look unclimbable from a distance, but it is manageable for most people. The climbing sections are airy but short, and you need to have a rope for safety for this trip.

Once at the top, you can enjoy the fantastic view over the Vestfjorden and the Lofoten Wall. For an extra wow-factor, we recommend taking this hike as a midnight sun tour.

Food & Drinks


At Café Sult, you can enjoy traditional dishes made from ingredients sourced from northern Norway, with names inspired by Hamsun and given a modern twist, while gazing out over Hamsun’s realm. The café is located at the Hamsun Center.

How to get to Hamarøy

How to get to Hamarøy

You can travel to Hamarøy by car, boat, or bus. You can fly into Bodø, Evenes, or Svolvær airport and start your journey to Hamarøy from there. We recommend having access to a car when you’re in Hamarøy so you can travel around and really experience the municipality.

From Evenes, you need to travel by bus or car. From Bodø, you can drive or take the bus, but you can also choose to travel by speedboat from the center. If you choose the latter, we recommend renting a bike in Bodø and bringing it on the speedboat so you can travel around in Hamarøy.

From Svolvær, you can choose between a speedboat or the summer ferry. If you’re traveling by car from Salten and Helgeland in the south, follow RV80 and E6 north. From Ofoten and Troms in the north, follow E6 south. From Lofoten and Vesterålen in the west, you can take a summer ferry from Svolvær to Skutvik or a ferry from Lødingen to Bognes.

Hamarøy touristinformation

Hamarøy touristinformation

Hamsuncentre, Oppeid





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