Litlverivassfossen in Rago National Park

Litlverivassfossen in Rago National Park

Rago is a gem that will take your breath away with great nature and wilderness experiences. If the experience is not enough, we guarantee a breath taking moment when you pass the out of the ordinary beautiful Litlverivasfossen waterfall.


The parking lot in Lakshola

Highest point

450 masl


Demanding, partly marked trail


23 km round trip


Along a path in forest and mountain terrain. Some rock areas


9,5 hours

Hike Description

Rago combines peaceful pine bogs, clean-cut rocky cliffs, still water, thundering waterfalls and high mountains with eternal snow. That is why Rago National Park is considered the number 1 wilderness national park in Norway. In the park, there is little provision beyond the path and the cabins along this walk. If you want to try your luck at fishing, there is plenty of good quality fish.

This hike is one of Saltens Friluftsråd’s selected 55 captivating hikes in the region.

Getting to Litlverivassfossen i Rago

Take the E6 just south of Trengsel bridge and drive the road all the way to the end of the road. From here it is approx. 8 km along the marked path to the cabins at Storskogvatnet. Continue on the path towards Sølvskard, where the path splits after 1 km. Follow the signs towards Sølvskard. The other trail continues into the national park and to Padjelanta National Park in Sweden. When you arrive at Litlverivatnet, you have to cross a suspension bridge with a spectacular view. Here the Litlverivassforsen plunges 223 m down towards Tjønnmoen. From here there is an airy ascent from the lake and then forest/marsh terrain down towards the Nordfjord. It is possible to take the tour in the opposite direction.

The easiest way to get to Rago is by car or by bus along the E6. The bus runs directly from Bodø/Fauske to Trengsel and has two daily departures, morning and afternoon, approx. 2 hour journey. From Trengsel, it is 6-7 km to Lakshol, where the trail starts. Maybe you should bring your bike on the bus, to shorten this part of the trip?

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