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At Manshausen, we do what we can so you can treat yourself with that little extra and enjoy good food in scenic surroundings. You do not have to book accomodation to enjoy our restaurant, but you must book in advance.

We are proud of the food we serve. As much as possible, the ingredients we use are local. We vary the menu, but aim for high quality with every dish. When you take a place at our table, we know it is to savour the moment – but we also believe that delicious nourishing food provides the best foundation for enjoying everything else that Manshausen has to offer.

We were very pleased to be able to hire Ondrej as our new Manshausen chef. His experience and culinary ambition were a perfect fit for our own vision. We believe your dining experience should match your great outdoor adventures, and the magnificent landscape that surrounds you. This year we have strengthened our team as well, with Karin Jansdotter who worked as a chef on the Troll station in Antarctica.

Ondrej`s food philosophy: “The food I make is basically quite simple; often I use just two or three ingredients, and sometimes only one. My focus is finding the best way to prepare the key ingredient, so as to emphasise its taste and texture, and the diner’s experience.
“Take beets, for example. They taste very different depending on how you cook them. You can fry them, bake the beets overnight, dehydrate and later rehydrate them, transform beets into paper-thin “crisps”, pickle or ferment them… The possibilities are almost endless. And this is true for every vegetable.

“When you combine this with fresh-caught seafood, or what we ourselves harvest from our island and its shore, as well as the game and other ingredients we acquire from the forests on the mainland, we can make something very special.

“Many restaurants find it necessary to order very expensive ingredients. Here at Manshausen we are fortunate enough to have world-class ingredients readily available in the nearby waters and on the seafloor. They’re just waiting to be harvested! And the variety is incredible.
“When I am not in my kitchen, I spend as much time as possible harvesting herbs and plants. I also keenly explore how ingredients are transformed by fermentation and other types of preservation. The result is that we are surprisingly self-sufficient, have minimal waste, and most importantly can tempt our guests with an astonishing array of flavours.”

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Kjør til Nordskot kai ved enden av Fylkesvei 7514, vi henter deg på kaia på Nordskot med båt.

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