67 North Distillery in Rognan


In the city center of Rognan, by the Rognan Hotel, you will find 67 North Distillery. Here you have the opportunity to get a tour of the unique production of whiskey, amoung the charecteristic pot stills, which is used in the production of whisky, and characterize the main room.

If you go on a tour here, you will see how whiskey is made, and follow all the parts of the production line. You will also get to taste the grain that is used in production, and the mash that will eventually become spirit.
A tour of the production premises takes approx. 1 hour. The tour can be combined with a fun and educational whiskey tasting where you get to test different types of single malt whisky.
67 North Distillery also has its own distillery bar which is open on special occasions, and concerts and festivals are occasionally organized at the distillery. In addition, there is a larger meeting room for large groups, as well as an outdoor park in the area.
To request a tour, get in touch.

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