The river path in Beiarn

Elvestien (The River Path)

Elvestien is a cozy and easy walk along the Beiar river, an excellent place for salmon and sea trout fishing, but also great for those who enjoy a quiet walk in harmonious surroundings.


At the store or the school in Beiarn

Highest point

45 masl


Easy, marked


3,8 km round trip




1 hour

Hike Description

The path is partially prepared for everyone. With an electric wheelchair and pram, you can take the little round called Kjærlighetsstien (the love path). Along the path there are several nice rest areas for relaxation. If, on the other hand, you are looking for excitement, you can try fishing in the river. You can buy a fishing license at Storjord, among other places. The trip is also suitable for mountain bikers.

Start from the school or the Coop store. Follow the signs and the path to the left of the bridge. The signs are marked with Kjærlighetsstien. The path goes along the river past the church to a nice sitting area. For a short trip, here you can go back to the start through the cemetery.

If you wish to continue further, continue along the river. The path ends at the main road. Here you cross the road and continue on the sidewalk until you can follow the next sign to the forest path.
Follow the forest path along the field up into the forest. Here there is a bit of a climb. The forest path goes round and onto the path towards Moldjordmoen. From here you follow the forest road over the bog and down to the road between two residential buildings. The path takes you down to Moldjord by the school.

This hike is one of Saltens Friluftsråd’s selected 55 captivating hikes in the region.

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Getting to Elvestien

The easiest way to get to Moldjord is by bus or your own car. Buses run from Bodø to Moldjord with daily departures and a journey time of 2.5 hours.

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