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Rib Boat in Steigen


Rib Steigen offers charter, transportation, safaris, and experiences with Norway’s coolest charter RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat).

Explore rugged sea areas with safety and comfort. Safety is our top priority, and our experienced crew is dedicated to ensuring that your experience is both thrilling and secure.

We offer transportation, experiences, and safaris. Some of the tours you can book with us include:

– 1.5-hour round trip in the local area by Rib (1.5 hours).
– Round trip to Lofoten by Rib (5 hours).
– Round trip to Saltstraumen including various sightseeing stops along the way and a stop in Bodø. (Approximately 6 hours.)

We have dry storage space available for some luggage, allowing you to bring what you need for a comfortable and memorable sea experience.

Please contact us for booking, prices, and inquiries.

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