Hamsun Childhood Home


Visit the small wooden house beneath the towering peaks in Hamsund and gain insight into Knut Hamsun’s childhood and upbringing. The childhood home is open during the summer season.

Get an insight into how the famous author grew up on the small farmstead in Hamsund.

A visit to Hamsun’s childhood home is an authentic experience of the author’s childhood universe. Up the narrow stairs, we find the old boys’ room and Knut’s hook where the letter “K” is carved. In mother Tora’s room, we get closer to her life. The mother suffered from a nervous disorder, and her condition was one of the reasons why Knut, at the age of 11, was placed with Uncle Hans in Presteid.

The visit is also tailored for families with children. The whole family can play in the carpentry workshop or on the attic, where they can create letters and hang up their favorite words. Hamsun’s childhood home is located in Hamsund, 5 kilometers from the Hamsun Center.

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